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First Photo of Sun King Obama's Tower of Champagne Emerges

The UK's Daily Mail evidently did not abide by the Obama campaign's restrictions on the media. The Mail snapped a picture of the hideously expensive champagne tower that reportedly featured at one of Obama's two campaign fundraisers Tuesday night.

The Mail prices each of those 350 bottles in the tower at $300, for a total value of $105,000. That's about twice the yearly income of the average American in 2011. The New York Post earlier reported that each bottle costs $800, which would put the dollar value of the tower well above a quarter of a million dollars. According to figures from May 2012, the average US home sale price is $202,400.

No one in the US media has questioned the administration about that tower, the message its inclusion sends to the 23 million unemployed Americans, or why the campaign opted for the champagne tower instead of American flags and more traditional decorations for political campaign appearances by the President of the United States.