'Gunrunner' Whistleblower Vince Cefalu Speaks (PJM Exclusive)

He also says there is no huge gun-trafficking operation, no "Iron Pipeline" of firearms traveling from the U.S. to Mexico -- just lots of buyers who can make a couple thousand dollars selling weapons across the border.

In addition, he has some more explosive allegations: he says the Mexican government was not made aware of the operation, and neither was the U.S. ambassador to Mexico.

And he says people within the Justice Department had to be aware of the operation -- contrary to what Attorney General Eric Holder claimed. Cefalu says no one runs a major operation like this without getting approval from their boss.

Despite all of it, Cefalu said he just wants to see the agency he loves cleaned up:

It breaks my heart, it's shameful to me.  ... I'm afraid the agency will be abolished because of the actions of a few self-serving individuals.