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Finally Some Hope, Thanks to the Paul Ryan Pick

The other is that Rob Portman is all about Rob Portman. That isn't my opinion; it's something Portman himself told the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2005 upon leaving Congress to become George W. Bush's trade representative:

“I probably am a little risk-averse compared to some members [of Congress],” he concedes, “but I think a lot of that is a deliberate decision on my part that some things are worth it for my career and some things aren’t.”

So Rob Portman will do the right thing as long as it doesn't hurt his precious career. This is the last thing we need in a United States senator, but for now we're stuck with that. We certainly don't need any more of it in the Oval Office or one heartbeat away from it. Fortunately, with Paul Ryan on the GOP ticket, we're instead getting healthy doses of integrity and courage, which finally provide some hope for a change.