Feminist Academics Join Destroy-Israel Movement

Last July the Palestinians’ own Ma’an News Agency reported that:

The number of Palestinian women in the labor force remains among the lowest in the world….

The female labor participation rate in the occupied Palestinian territories in 2014 was only 19.4 percent, compared to 25 percent in the rest of the Arab world, a policy brief…said, adding that the global average stands at 51 percent….

The low rates of participation in the labor force by Palestinian women are also accompanied by increased gender segregation….

Meanwhile, at about the same time it turned out the NWSA ladies were voting to join BDS, it was reported that one “Lt. Y” was graduating from the Israeli Air Force’s flight school class. What’s noteworthy about that is the fact he was following in his sister’s footsteps.

Lt. Y’s older sister, a young Orthodox Jewish woman named Tamar Ariel who earned the rank of captain, had passed the test before him, and Y was inspired by her example. Tamar died in an avalanche in Nepal in 2014.

She was one of 38 Israeli female air force pilots over the past 20 years, and

the first religious female combat navigator to finish the grueling course. She stood out during her graduation ceremony as the only graduate wearing a skirt.

She also fought during Operation Protective Edge [in Gaza in 2014].

Whatever one thinks of the issue of women in combat roles, seemingly modern, gender-equal Israel with its female cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, Supreme Court justices, doctors, lawyers, air force pilots—you name it—would present a more positive picture to the NWSA feminists than the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. But don’t count on it.

With the world under an intensifying terror assault, taxpayer-funded eggheads are zeroing in on the real menace—Israel.