FBI Raid in MN Reveals New Global Terror Alliances (PJM Exclusive)

McGrady’s coverage at Fight Back! News of the so-called “Colombia 3” trial, plus another exclusive Fight Back! interview with Colombia 3 lawyer Agustin Jimenez, suggests that the FBI is onto something in seeking more information about the relations between American communists, Islamic terror organizations, Colombia’s FARC, and Irish Republican groups.

As McGrady notes, the Colombia 3 are Jim Monaghan, Martin McCauley, and Niall Connelly -- two reputed IRA weapons engineers, plus one translator -- who traveled with false passports to rendezvous with FARC. Now at large in Ireland, the Colombia 3 escaped 17-year jail sentences with the help, as Monaghan told Ireland’s RTE broadcasters, of “a lot of people in a lot of countries.” As the Associated Press has reported, Irish and British media placed the Colombia 3 in Venezuela or Cuba en route to Ireland.

As for FARC itself, testimony before a June 23, 2009 hearing at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reveals that the revolutionary Colombian organization “has a long history of reaching out to other terrorist groups, notably the Provisional Irish Republican Army,” for “training and exchanges.” The Provisional IRA spawned two radically violent splinter groups -- Continuity IRA and the Real IRA, which the United States has designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization. (In a subsequent report, PJM will take a closer look at the connections between the Real IRA and Islamic terror.)

At that hearing, Douglas Farah, senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, concluded that “Iran’s ties to Hezbollah and Venezuela, Venezuela’s ties [to] Iran and the FARC, the FARC’s history of building alliances with other armed groups, and the presence of Hezbollah and other armed Islamist groups in Latin America” make it “dangerous and imprudent to dismiss the possibility of an alliance of these actors.” But what of an alliance that includes not only the world’s most dangerous rogues, but American socialists and communists themselves? After all, as Farah observed: “the primary area of mutual interest is a hatred of the United States.”

Federal disinterest in Mick Kelly’s travel to Lebanon may be explained by the extent of terrorist links between the IRA and Palestinian groups, which reach back some thirty years. The details lurking beneath September’s nationwide FBI raid on American left-wing radicals suggest that Irish terror networks may be playing a largely hidden but pivotal role in supporting America’s foes, not only abroad but at home.