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Fast and Furious Demonstrates 'Ruling Class,' Country Divide

Of course, 90% of what the president said in defense of Holder consisted of fluff or falsehoods -- there’s tangible evidence that Holder knew about Fast and Furious at least as early as July 2010. Yet that doesn’t matter to Obama. What matters is defending the other members of the ruling class, of which Holder is one (for the time being).

Consider the words of Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County. He is not a member of the ruling class, and looks upon Holder and the rest of those involved in Fast and Furious with rationality:

It is insanity that they [ATF/DOJ] could try and rationalize this and still withhold and try to cover up information that implicates them.

He went on to say that those who were involved should “absolutely” be labeled and charged as accomplices to the murders associated with the operation.

The members of the ruling class feel themselves sufficiently insulated from the physical dangers of Fast and Furious, and they are quick to provide alibis to spare themselves political danger as well. On the other hand, those charged with the duty of living in the real world and facing the threat of being shot with a gun that Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, or the ATF’s William Newell knew about aren’t easily appeased with the excuses and contradictions that characterize the good ol’ boys club on this one.

Fast and Furious demonstrates a chasm between the ruling class and the people. And the quickest way to bridge that chasm is to follow Sheriff Babeu’s recommendation and start filing charges.