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Fast and Furious Defense Strategy: Keep Them Quiet

Numerous felonies were committed by government employees of Barack Obama's administration. These felonies include violations of the Arms Export Control Act, violations of the Kingpin Act, possible RICO violations, violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act, felonies related to the cover-up of Brian Terry's death at the hands of an FBI criminal informant, including the hiding of the informant's SKS rifle, and other crimes. Eric Holder's apparent perjury in front of Congress about when he know of Operation Fast and Furious is the least of the administration's problems.

This points to a possible DOJ defense tactic: in exchange for suspensions and resignations, those responsible will be thrilled to have the option of not talking about the criminality of their actions. Those in the position to "tell all" to reduce their sentence length with a plea bargain in a criminal trial have no reason whatsoever to talk if their continued silence can be bought for such a cheap price.

If Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar really does allow the conspirators off without any criminal charges being filed, you can be assured that the fix is in.