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PJM Exclusive: More Video from Syria's 'Great Friday Uprising' (Content Warning)

Zabaltani (outskirts of Damascus):

This video was shot on Saturday April 23, 2011, in the Zabaltani area. Crowds are moving forward knowing full well they’re likely to be killed. As they chant “Eed Wahde!” (One hand, or all together), a heavy burst of fire erupts. Many duck or fall to the ground but many remain standing waving their hands as if welcoming death. An unbelievable sight. Then we see people dragging those up front and one lands next to the cameraman with his head open. This may have been caused by a direct shot to the face that exited the back causing this damage. Not for the faint of heart.

We want the American people, with this video, to understand what the unarmed young people of Syria demanding freedom are up against. We will never stop until we get our freedom. By sharing with you these horrors, Syrians are not asking for boots on the grounds, or even military action of any kind. But we are asking for your support to mobilize policy makers in the U.S. to condemn Assad and to put him, and his killers, up for trial in a court of international law for crimes against humanity.





This video was taken in Saqba on Sunday, in the outskirts of Damascus. An injured young man with a bullet wound to his arm stands shirtless with his arms up in the middle of the road defying the snipers. The cameraman, as he takes the video, shouts, “There is no emergency law. What emergency?” — mocking the fact that Assad, three days ago, lifted the 48-year-old emergency law giving him the right to oppress, detain, torture, or kill. Then heavy fire erupts and everyone ducks or hides behind metal trash dumps.


More as they come in.


April 23 — Izrah’:

The cameraman, in the rear of a white pickup truck, says: “A martyr is down, a martyr is down, as you can observe” as a boy of perhaps 15 years of age with a head wound is loaded into the truck. Shouting, calls to lift the boy quickly. Many say “A martyr, a martyr”. The cameraman prays for the boy’s soul.

Shouting: “There is another one!” “Bring him, bring him!”

We see another young man with what looks like a deadly head wound. The cameraman: “Another martyr, as you can see.”

A pool of blood below the first injured boy’s head gets larger. Amongst the screams, we hear many cursing Assad.

The second man moves his hands, and is able to hold them up.

The cameraman says of the first victim: he may know the young man, he comes from the Jaber family. He turns the boy’s head to show a gruesome wound: “I think he has a head wound.” Shouting throughout the rest of the video as the truck presumably races towards a hospital.



Dara’a — April 25:

A sniper takes aim for a while and fires across what looks like quite a distance. Notice how his rifle recoils, which is an indication of its power and velocity. PJM readers: know what type of rifle this is?



April 25 — Barzah:

A girl, 5 or 6 years old, shot in the eye by a sniper bullet, probably while sitting at home through her window.

People angrily shout: “Cover her, cover her!” The cameraman gets closer and the man carrying her unwraps the cover, and we can see how she died. The sight is horrific.

Grown men can be heard weeping: