False Report Tea Party Targeted by Holder's DOJ

The Houston Chronicle has falsely reported that the Tea Party election integrity group True the Vote is the target of a Department of Justice investigation.  The Chronicle reporter, Joe Holley, was made aware of the error both directly and indirectly, and yet the paper has not corrected the error.

If you needed another reason why newspapers like the Houston Chronicle have declining or dead circulation growth, add fabricating stories about Justice Department investigations of Tea Party groups to the list.

Bryan Preston covered the True the Vote Summit in Houston lie-free last weekend here and here at PJ Tatler.

The Houston Chronicle couldn't match Preston's standards for honesty.  It reported:

The King Street effort resulted in numerous complaints about voter intimidation. . .  and an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

It is false and libelous to report that the Justice Department was investigating True the Vote or Kings Street Patriots.  No source is offered by Holley for this assertion.  In fact, I have seen a Department of Justice response to a Congressional inquiry by a Texas Congressman that plainly states that no records exist of any investigation of True the Vote.  It may be true that activists and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee sought to intimidate elderly female poll watchers for True the Vote in locations throughout Houston during the 2010 election, and then complained to DOJ about True the Vote.

But that does not an investigation make.

While DOJ is pondering what is worth investigating in Texas, perhaps DOJ might inquire as to why so many people were registered to vote in Texas even though they marked their registration forms that they were not citizens of the United States.  Better still, perhaps Mr. Holley and his boss Jeff Cohen could do the job the free press was meant to do.

They could start with retracting the false statements about True the Vote, and then ask why self-confessed non-citizens were registered to vote.  Unless of course the Houston Chronicle has other priorities.

If this straw breaks your camel's back, and you want to speed the demise of dead-trees media outlets that make up facts about Tea Party groups, you can cancel your Chronicle subscription by calling 713-362-7171.