Face It, Pro-Lifers: Obama Is Just Not That Into You

The recent battles on Capitol Hill over both Sonia Sotomayor and health care convinced me that pro-life Americans should take a cue from a popular chick flick.

Chick flicks, for those unfamiliar, are a genre of movie escapism written and marketed to women and a guilty pleasure for many otherwise thoughtful types. A hit movie newly out on DVD recently proclaims a shocking truth to women who make excuses for the bad behavior of men with whom they date. That fact is: if he lies, cheats, and treats you disrespectfully, he’s just not that into you.

The movie evokes cringes as one recognizes realistic scenes of bright women and men making humiliating mistakes and errors in judgment. Similarly, in 2008 many pro-life Americans made a horrific error in judgment. Exit polling from the presidential election sponsored by Beliefnet.com showed that 20 percent of those voting for Obama defined themselves as “pro-life.” According to Christianity Today, 25 percent of self-identified evangelical or born-again Christians voted for President Obama.

Why? Most of these same folks turned out in both 2000 and 2004 for George W. Bush. The reasons for this change of heart are complicated, as in any relationship breakup. They may have been reacting to the war, or overspending by Republicans, or any number of scandals, or maybe the spark was gone. Or maybe they were seduced!

Its okay, admit it. He’s cute, he’s smart, he’s likable and he’s charismatic. He promised change and faithful attention to some of the issues men and women of faith care about, such as poverty. One Christian conservative professor even wrote a book proclaiming that truly living like Jesus includes a vote for Obama. Good to know.

However, pro-lifers have been wronged. This lover who showed so much original ardor for you lied, and it started on the honeymoon. On January 23, 2009, one day after the 36th March for Life and on the president’s third day in office, he issued an executive order reversing U.S. policy that prohibited the use of U.S. funds to promote or pay for abortions abroad.

In March, he restored funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) that had been frozen due to their support of organizations that promote and even coerce poor women in other countries to have abortions. He opened the door for the federal funding of research that requires the destruction of human embryos and canceled the Bush “conscience clause” regulation that protected health care workers from being penalized for refusing to participate in providing abortions.