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Face It: Liberals Just Aren't Very Funny

2. Comedy is about having an intellectual connection with your audience. A problem with the left is that they isolate themselves too far from average Americans to relate with them. Though liberals are a minority in this country, they are very good at putting themselves in a bubble so they're only ever around other leftists who reaffirm their views. That's why they seem so surprised and upset when they encounter opinions held by the majority of Americans and why they were taken so off guard by how hugely unpopular things like Obamacare are. And it’s how they keep convincing themselves they’re hilarious -- by only hanging around the few remaining people who think a “Sarah Palin is dumb” joke is edgy.

3. Comedy requires self-awareness. You've seen how the hippies at Occupy Wall Street seem so perplexed that people don't take them and their "down twinkles" seriously? Well, comedy requires some ability to understand how others perceive you, and liberals are horrible at that. While most people see the left as silly nitwits, they just think everyone looks at them as these obvious geniuses. This is a big reason they have so much trouble coming up with jokes about President Obama. "How in the world are we supposed to make fun of an out-of-touch elitist who thinks he's smarter than everyone and who has written multiple memoirs despite never having accomplished one useful thing in his entire life? It's impossible!" Really, if you can't make fun of Obama, you need to turn in your comedian badge right now. You can keep the gun.

4. Can't be an elitist. For comedy to work, the comedian has to have some amount of respect for the audience. But liberals look down on everyone who doesn't subscribe to left-wing politics. Try going to a comedy club and yelling, "You're all stupid idiot hillbillies! I'm much smarter than you! Shut up shut up shut up!" It probably won't go over very well. Well, maybe with the right delivery.

5. The Truth. If someone says, "Two plus two equals four," how do you make fun of that person as an idiot? That's the challenge in much of the left's political humor. Like with the Tea Party -- how could liberals make fun of the truism, "The government should spend less than it takes in?" They have to twist themselves in knots to try to make that sound like a ridiculous notion. Eventually they just settled on, "People who believe that are racist!" And how do you ridicule the notion that people know better how to run their own lives than the idiots in government do? "You silly twits! The people in D.C. are so obviously smart -- just look at someone like Dennis Kucinich or Barney Frank -- and you should submit to their will. By the way, I'm subversive." If the left can actually manage to make good jokes that make fun of obvious truths, then they really are the masters of humor, and I will hand over my humor expert hat.