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Ezra Levant Slams Media's #JeSuisCharlie Phonies

Ezra Levant, Friday December 21, 2012

Ezra Levant's phone -- which buzzes constantly anyhow, believe me -- must have been close to melting down yesterday.

After 12 people are slaughtered for publishing cartoons of Mohammed, who else are ya gonna call for comment but a guy who did the same thing in 2006, was prosecuted for doing so, and is still alive to tell the tale?

Not that Ezra (that's what everybody in Canada calls him, fans and foes alike) ever tires of relating the story.

And why not? It's pretty amazing.

But yesterday, for tragically obvious reasons, he devoted his show to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Unlike some "news" outlets, Sun News let him show some of the cartoons that got people killed.

(That combination of words still feels weird to write, although, sadly, by now it shouldn't.)

Not just that, though.

Ezra called out the "Media Party" keyboard warriors who were "bravely" tweeting #JeSuisCharlie all day long.

Funny how much time those very same "journalists" have previously spent denouncing Ezra for being a "provocateur" or -- the cardinal Canadian sin -- a "shameless self-promoter" for taking unpopular stands on troublesome topics.

(I'm thinking of one in particular who has written more than 80 anti-Ezra columns in a national newspaper...)