Exclusive: Meet the Radical Lawyers the DOJ Hired to Oversee Elections

In 2011, PJ Media published the Every Single One series. The series documented the Obama administration’s hiring of ideologically leftist and partisan lawyers to fill the career ranks of the lawyers in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division from the day it came into office. The different sections of the Division exercise enormous power over the everyday lives of Americans, ranging from employment, education, housing, religious liberty, abortion, prisons, policing, and much, much more.

If a president wanted to launch a radical transformation of the country, he would start it in the Civil Rights Division. And a radical transformation of American elections would begin in the Division’s Voting Section. That is precisely what the first Every Single One series showed was happening in the Voting Section.

Today, we start with an update of the hiring in the Voting Section since 2011.

Perhaps the most damage the Obama Civil Rights Division has inflicted on the American constitutional fabric has been in elections. The lawyers in the Voting Section have waged an all-out assault on election integrity. Attacking Voter ID laws in Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania is just one example of how the Voting Section has tried to stop efforts to plug the vulnerabilities used by criminals to exploit American elections.

But this attack on Voter ID is just the most prominent example of malfeasance. What the Voting Section hasn’t done is just as damaging.

For example, under the National Voter Registration Act (“Motor Voter”) passed in 1993, the Department of Justice has the responsibility to enforce requirements designed to ensure that only legitimate voters are registered to vote, and only in one place. The Obama administration has deliberately decided not to enforce this law.

As a consequence, 1.8 million deceased individuals remain registered. And 2.75 million people are registered in more than one state, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts.

When Hawaii undertook a racially discriminatory, separatist election that permitted only people of a certain ancestry to vote, the Obama Justice Department -- incredibly -- sided with the racially discriminatory voter qualification.

When members of the New Black Panthers stalked a polling place with weapons to support President Obama’s election in 2008, the Obama Justice Department made sure they got a pass.

When Democrat Wendy Rosen was caught voting twice for President Obama in 2012 because she was registered in both Florida and Maryland, the Obama Justice Department did not pursue this federal felony offense. The only reason Rosen was caught, in fact, was because she was the Democratic nominee for Congress in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District at the time.

Yet when states like Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Georgia aren’t registering enough voters in welfare agencies and methadone clinics, the Obama Justice Department can’t sue them fast enough. But it’s a one-way ratchet. Indeed, when people are caught admitting they voted three, four, or even six times for President Obama, as Melowese Richardson did in Cincinnati, the Obama Justice Department refuses to enforce federal criminal laws against her.

Instead, Democrats threw her a party.

In short, when it comes to American elections, the Obama Justice Department has taken the side of criminals over law-abiding citizens. It has taken the side of racial discrimination over equal enforcement of the law. It has used selective enforcement of the law to help Democrats retain power.

Let’s meet the attorneys the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has hired to enforce federal election laws since 2011, a task easily accomplished through the resumes these lawyers submitted with their job applications, which we obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.