Exclusive: Documenting Mindbending Irony at the Austin Undocumented Immigration Rally

Earlier today, the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition hosted a statewide march and rally for "comprehensive immigration reform" including a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in the state capital. Here is a short video montage of the rally.

Between one and two thousand activists from across Texas showed up, and then rallied against deportations and the "militarization" of the border...


...with Austin's finest on hand to direct traffic and provide security. So much for living in the so-called shadows.

Illegal immigration activists have gotten much smarter over the last few years. In the past, rallies like this one would be festooned with the flag of Mexico. But not today. Only Old Glory was allowed to fly.

Though one activist did manage a sneak.

Here's a closer look. The only thing missing is an eagle eating a snake.

A common theme: Stop breaking illegal immigrant families up by deporting the parents, who have had children here in the US.

But thousands, maybe millions, of illegal aliens have created the situation they find themselves in by crossing the border illegally and then having children in the US, who are thereby American citizens. So the demand to stop breaking families up is essentially a demand to stop enforcing the law once some folks have gotten away with flouting it.