Excessive Force?

Neocon Express: "The student seems to be asking for it and should have handled himself with less hysteria. But it seems to me the cops handled the situation even worse than the student, and they're supposed to be the grown-ups."

Greg Lukianoff @ The Huffington Post: "It's good that students were able to get this on tape. Such unreasonable and excessive force might be hard for some to believe unless they saw it with their own eyes."

Dean Barnett: "Like a lot of questioners prone to such thinking, he wouldn't shut up. To shut him up, the campus police completely over-reacted and began tasering him."

Michelle Malkin: "UF student Tyler Antar was there and e-mails his account of what happened. Looks like there was more to the story than meets the eye."

TheAndrewMeyer.com: "Andrew Meyer is currently incarcerated in Alachua County. While asking U.S. Senator John Kerry a question during a question and answer period following Kerry's speech at the University of Florida, Meyer was attacked by five police officers, manhandled and tasered."

Jonah Goldberg @ The Corner: "He was escorted from the mic for going on too long, as per the rules of the event, and for generally being a pest. He was arrested for resisting the officers."

Pam's House Blend: "Here we go again. Law enforcement using a tool meant for use against violent out-of-control individuals being used inappropriately."

The Thinker: "Just in case someone wants to go off the rails, this has nothing to do with the first Amendment of the US Constitution; furthermore, this bazaar behavior has nothing to do with Andrew Meyer's freedom of speech."

laist: "There are a million reasons LA is better than Gainesville, but both are home to major state universities with their own Taser-happy police forces."

Frameshop: "The incident raises two very painful, but vital questions for college campuses across America: (1) What is the best way to speak out on political issues in a post-VA Tech massacre world? (2) What is the best way for campus police to react to students speaking out on political issues?"

The Jawa Report: "Heh, Apparently Andrew Meyer thinks the vast right wing conspiracy goes all the way up to and including John Kerry."

Don Suber: "ABC News said Kerry condemned arresting the heckler. I no longer feel sorry for Kerry. What was I smoking?"

Comments From Left Field: "I don't have a high tolerance for Meyer's behavior. Even George Bush, a man I believe to be about as low as you can get, I would at least treat with a certain modicum of respect if for no other reason than that is what civilized people do."

Clayton Cramer's BLOG: "RoboSenator seems to be either completely and utterly unaware of this amazing sequence of events taking place in front of him--or completely and utterly unconcerned about it. Either way, it doesn't say much for John Kerry."

Maggie's Farm: "I know exactly what's going through the mind of the loudmouth. He's playing for the cheap seats -- eating the scenery, as they say about bad actors in the theater. He knows, ultimately, that nothing much is going to happen to him no matter how childish and nasty he acts."