Enough About McCain's 'Graciousness' — It's the Reason He Lost

Honestly, if I should hear the word "gracious" applied to John McCain's concession speech even one more time, I may throw the biggest hissy fit ever seen this side of the Mississippi.

In reality, however, it isn't the concession speech that has me riled. It's the unavoidable reality that Senator McCain attempted to be graciousness personified throughout his campaign.

Now, please, dear reader, do not misunderstand me.

There's not a darned thing wrong with graciousness; I shoot for it all the time myself.

On the other hand, one does not need to have studied at the famed American War College to know that when a battle calls for a Patton, one does his country no favor by going as a Bradley instead.

When the object is to win, it would seem that the most salient key to victory lies in properly gauging the true character of one's opponent. And in this regard, it seems to me that our beloved Senator McCain -- outstanding war hero and statesman that he is -- failed to comprehend the reality on the ground regarding Barack Obama and that army of trench fighters backing his candidacy.