England: It was Fun While It Lasted

To raise too much of a stink about any of this would be seen as “racist” or at least “culturally insensitive,” so while the stalwart middle grows increasingly outraged (half of Britons want to leave the country), their betters in the moneyed classes of London and even in the upper echelons of government remain unfazed. Last week the man in the street was stunned again when, thanks to the unwelcome interference of the European Court of Human Rights that keeps asserting its fictitious authority over British affairs from Strasbourg, the terrorist Abu Qatada was retained in the UK instead of being deported to Jordan as was ordered by British courts. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron could have simply ignored the ECHR; instead, he does nothing.

Britain’s nature as a land with two sets of rules will become starkly evident in the London Olympics, whose tickets are mostly being snapped up by VIPs and the international governing class who will whiz to the games in special lanes of traffic set aside especially for them.  Thousands of extra police will be on duty at the Games site --- meaning the rest of the country will be short-handed. Opportunist gangs of thugs are already licking their lips at another round of what they call “free shopping” like last year’s massive looting. Some 15,000 people took part in that crime party, which an official government inquiry looked into. The Riots Communities and Victims Panel concluded that society was to blame for the widespread theft of luxury goods and wagged its finger at the “excessive marketing” that made the helpless young people desire the sneakers and cell phones in the first place.

The most determined chronicler of Britain’s decline, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens (the older brother of the late Anglo-American writer Christopher), notes that the “criminals are victims” mentality is now a defining feature of the “injustice system.”

So what was there to celebrate on the day of England’s patron, St. George? Not much. After two generations of instruction in the evils of the Empire, England no longer does patriotism, leaving the holiday as a fringe event that has come to be associated with the hooligans. Polls show some 25 percent of Brits think St. George’s Day is racist. Naturally: who else would take pride in a great civilization? Or what used to be a great civilization. Today’s England is a place where you can be arrested on charges of racial insensitivity for singing “Kung Fu Fighting” in a bar.

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