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Election Watch: Barbara Boxer's Campaign Breaks the Law, Solicits Help From Los Angeles Area Students Via Teachers

The Boxer campaign, caught red-handed with their hands in the public school-electioneering cookie jar, admitted the authenticity of the letter but promptly issued a legalese-denial, non-apology style apology and punted responsibility to "volunteers" and a "junior staffer."

Boxer campaign manager Rose Kapolczynski:

Because some local social studies teachers encourage students to volunteer, Boxer campaign volunteer coordinators notified a handful of schools near the campaign headquarters that the campaign was accepting volunteers. The letter did not ask teachers to solicit students to work on the campaign or to use school facilities, supplies or equipment for political purposes. The sole intent of the letter was to provide interested students with information about a volunteer opportunity. However, the letter, which was written by a volunteer and reviewed by a junior staffer, was inappropriate and we apologize. The author of the letter has been counseled and campaign coordinators will no longer conduct outreach to public schools.

The HJTA easily disproves this defense, stating in the letter sent to LAUSD and LACBE:

While claiming students will “gain an invaluable educational experience on [sic] one of the highest profile Senate races this election,” the letter candidly admits: “The Boxer campaign needs volunteers to help with various projects.”

One with perhaps even a modicum of legal knowledge, command of the English language, and common sense will gather that certain language in the "Dear Teachers" letter (eg, "The Boxer campaign (needing) volunteers to help with various projects") is a political solicitation by the campaign.

The claim by Barbara Boxer's campaign manager that the "Dear Teachers" letter was seemingly "inappropriate," yet not illegal, is ludicrous. And forcing a lower level staffer to fall on the proverbial sword is beyond the pale.

And why is the mainstream press in California, for the most part, ignoring this story?