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8 Mistakes Men Make About Women

Dear Belladonna Rogers,

I just read John Hawkins’ superb column titled "7 Mistakes Women Make About Men." I'd like to see one about mistakes men make about women.

Muddled Man in Miami

Dear Muddled Man,

Here it is, with a bonus eighth mistake -- just because I'm a woman.

But first, a few words of introduction. I love men. I'd like to thank the Creator for coming up with the concept of men and then for following through -- on what was obviously an amazingly busy week -- by creating Adam. Great work! I've long been a fervent fan of the male gender, and couldn't imagine the many joys of my life without them.

That said, the purpose of this column is not to nit-pick, disparage, or criticize men. My aim is to improve inter-gender understanding.  You know -- like world peace?