Egypt's Mythical 'Foreign Hands'

Following the suppressing of the Copts’ demonstration in Cairo, this was the explanation given by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, Minister of Information Osama Heikal, and Sheikh Ahmed El Tayeb of al-Azhar. Those damned hands succeeded in instilling anger in the naïve Copts, who had heard that for the fourth time this year alone, a house of worship of theirs had been burnt and destroyed by mobs demanding that churches should not have crosses or domes, as these hurt their eyes. So they take things in their own hands, having received orders from sheikhs in their mosques.

Those foul hands of foreign powers -- for they couldn’t possibly be Egyptian -- succeeded in forcing the governor of the region to come on TV and state that the Copts built the church without proper permits, and that zealous Muslims rectified the situation. Of course those hands have covered his eyes to the proper function of the law and order that he supposedly represents. I said they are cunning hands, didn’t I?

The conniving foreign minds then incited the Copts to demonstrate in an apparently peaceful way, marching from Shoubra, a largely Christian district, to Maspero, where the Cairo TV and Radio building lies.  However, the plot does not reach its fruition until those same abhorrent forces would somehow raise outrage and indignation in the hearts of resentful Muslims, who plainly cannot view Egypt as a Muslim nation while it harbors ten or fifteen million infidels, without cloaking them with the status of dhimmis, not full citizens. Those foreign forces managed to lure them into attacking the Copts and to join forces with the military to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

We are now hearing reports of arrests of foreign figures incriminated in shooting at both the demonstrators and army personnel alike.

Ingenious, isn’t it? Since those are foreign hands that mess with Egypt, it is unnecessary to do anything about those who killed 27 Christians, injured 250 more, and burned down the church.