Egypt and Tunisia: Triumphs for the American Muslim Brotherhood

Few are aware that Souheil Ghannouchi., the current executive director of the Muslim American Society, is the nephew of renowned Muslim Brotherhood revolutionary leader Rachid Ghannouchi. He just returned to Tunisia as a hero after 23 years of exile, having been sentenced in absentia to three life sentences for trying to overthrow the Tunisian government. Rachid Ghannouchi and his al-Nahda organization are expected to be intimately involved in forming the new government in Tunisia.

The role that the Brotherhood is playing in forming the governments in Egypt and Tunisia, and in supporting uprisings in key countries such as Jordan and Yemen ushers in a new era of power and influence for the Brotherhood.

The American Muslim Brotherhood, with its close links to the revolutionary international movement, will also be born aloft by these developments and gain a new sense of strength and purpose. At a minimum its organizational, ideological, and revolutionary links to Cairo and Tunis will grow stronger and stronger, and its membership will be reinvigorated.

These developments are especially ill-timed because, as the recent Congressional report on the Ft. Hood massacre has so clearly revealed, our military and counterterrorism forces still do not understand, nor have they identified, violent Islamist extremism as the enemy.