Ebola: Senator Ted Cruz Is Asking the Right Questions

I've gone on Fox News repeatedly calling for the president to use powers under 8 USC 1182 (f) to close the borders to passport holders from nations with raging Ebola epidemics.  Obama could do this with the stroke of a pen, but he doesn't.  It raises the question of why it is that, time and time again, the safety of Americans seems to be a lower priority to this president than other "esoteric faculty lounge" concerns, as I put it on The Kelly File.

Senator Ted Cruz is asking some of the same questions the overwhelming majority of Americans want to be asked.  In a letter to the FAA, Cruz asks, in pertinent part:

1. What training  is currently provided to airline carriers and their crew to identify the symptoms of infectious diseases?

2. What action has the FAA taken since March 2014 regarding Ebola?

3. Does the FAA intend to limit or suspend travel from Ebola-racked nations?

4. Once a case is confirmed on a flight, do other passengers get notification?

We've learned over the last few days that the answers to these questions are, respectively, little to none, not enough, no, and are you kidding?

Of all the uncertainty surrounding the Ebola epidemic, one thing is true: the existing measures for keeping Ebola out of the United States failed, period.

We also know that the Obama administration, as it often does, has entered Wonderland -- keeping Liberians and citizens from Sierra Leone here illegally in the United States from being deported back to their homes.

While Obama doesn't take steps to use federal power to protect Americans by stopping the flow of potentially infected foreigners, he exercises his authority to protect foreigners from returning home.

Enter Cruz...