Early Voting a Travesty

It is becoming more obvious with each election cycle that that the widespread adoption of no-excuses-needed early voting has been a big mistake.

Pollsters are now revealing exit poll results to the public weeks ahead of what is still quaintly referred to as "Election Day." They do this by breaking out their results between "early voters" and "future voters." The former amounts to de facto exit polling, which can all too easily be designed by an unscrupulous pollster to influence the latter. Even worse, state officials are getting into the act. One such example occurred Saturday in Colorado:

Slightly more Democrats than Republicans have voted in Colorado, either by mail or at early-voting polling places.

State officials said Friday that 219,000 Democrats have cast their ballots, compared with 215,000 Republicans and 131,000 unaffiliated voters.

Doesn't anyone care about how early voting is corrupting the process of free and fair elections?

As someone who has been involved at various times in either designing or evaluating accounting and control systems, I am astounded at the pervasive lack of controls early voting has created, virtually without organized objection.

There are at least ten other reasons why early voting is a really, really bad idea: