Duckworth Dishes Misinformation to Disabled Vet

How do I know?  Because I called up the VA's public affairs group in Washington and asked them about it.  According to the VA, combat-injured veterans do get a higher priority rating for care, but that rating only impacts whether a veteran has to pay any co-pays or not.  That rating has no bearing whatsoever on how long it will take to be seen by a doctor, and has no bearing at all on the level of care a veteran may receive.   So Duckworth took one very small grain of truth -- the fact that a combat injury yields a higher priority rating -- and turned that into a cold statement to an injured veteran that he can't get the same level of care as she can because her injuries resulted from combat.  The fact is, as more than one VA employee has told me, once you're enrolled in the system, everyone in the system is entitled to care on the same terms.

That's good news for Mr. Wheeler, the veteran whom Duckworth coldly misinformed.