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Drunkblogging the President's Afghanistan Speech

5:07PM "Peace needs... a political settlement." If I were Karzai, I'd start sleeping in a bunker. In Pakistan.

5:07PM First impression: Clipped speech, uninspired. It's just another mess he inherited.

5:08PM Wow. Kabul is going to start functioning like a real national government, because Obama said it "must." And it will do so with less support from us.

Come again?

5:09PM "This has been a difficult decade."

Well -- yeah. Duh. But, please, Mr. President, say it like you mean it. It's like he's announcing a "worthwhile Canadian initiative."

5:10PM "The tide of war is receding."

Churchill, he ain't.

5:10PM Here it comes! "Some would retreat from Nevada... " Others would nuke the crap out of Holland..." "But I am the sane centrist!"

5:11PM Obama's vision for national security? "We must rally international action, where our allies took their eye off the ball and we're not really engaged."

5:11PM Er, in Libya, re that last comment.

5:12PM "We will support those Arab revolutions by setting a nice example and saying nice things."

5:12PM Oh good lord. It's turned into a Model UN speech. High school Model UN, not college.

5:13PM "Nation-building here at home."

Seriously, at my model UN, he'd have been laughed off the stage, and we were stupid earnest back then.

5:14PM "This officer, like so many others I've met... "

I suppose this is nice, but the story, like the speech, lacks blood.

5:15PM "Let us go about the work of extending America."

That's it?

5:16PM Wolf Blitzer called it "short but upbeat."

If that's upbeat, MacBeth is a light comedy.

5:16PM 16 minutes, 0 inspiration.

And that's all I have to say about that.