Drunkblogging the Inauguration

1:29PM Reportedly, Byrd is fine -- just shaken up by seeing Kennedy stricken, according to John Kerry.

1:01PM Kennedy reportedly collapsed due to a seizure. No clue yet what's going on with Byrd.

12:52PM Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd were both taken out of the inaugural luncheon due to medical problems. With Kennedy in such ill health, I never could understand why Hillary accepted the job of Secretary of State. It was obvious Kennedy would be serving a smaller role in the Senate, clearing the way for Clinton to take his spot as the "liberal lion."

12:43PM Well, that was unexpected. Just seconds after going on the air, it felt like I'd been punched in the stomach -- by the stomach flu that's been going around our house all week. Drunkblogging will now be replaced by Dramamineblogging. A world first? Maybe!

12:13PM Going live now to PJTV.com.

11:29AM The voiceover guy introduced "the President of the United States of America," and I looked up, instinctively expecting to see Bush. Did the same thing for a while after Bush was elected, expecting to see Clinton. So it's not just the Bloody Marys.

11:23AM Did I just see Tim Geithner sitting at a table with Al Gore? They should seat Biden there, too, and call it the Kiddie Table.

11:00AM On Fox, Juan Williams is in tears describing the moment, but holding up admirably. Can't even begin to imagine what this is like for people who grew up during the Civil Rights Movement, but today is one hell of a payoff for a long struggle. Savor that for a few before we get back to the politics.