Drunkblogging Obama's Address on the Economy

I've got my second martini poured already, but here's how you can play along at home.

Drink on "hope," or "change," or "invest," or "stimulus." If President Obama uses the word "malaise," then finish your drink, pour another, and call your broker. Tell him to put everything into ammo and bottled water.

6:52PM (All times Mountain) I hate to agree with Bill O'Reilly, but when he says President Obama is winging it, how do you disagree?

6:57PM Krauthammer says he wants to be a "revolutionary president." Aw, crap.

7:02PM The TV people say we'll also get some talk tonight about the war. We're at war?

7:05PM Hottest first lady ever? Barring Millard Fillmore in drag, I'd have to say yes.

7:08PM Brit Hume must be really retired, because he's talking about how late an hour it is at 9PM local.

7:09 I'm usually too smart to do these things on an empty stomach, but I was on Rick Moran's radio show earlier and missed my chance to carbo-load. If this were the first draft of a sitcom script, the next stage direction would read, "hilarity ensues."

7:11PM Juan Williams notes that we're going to hear a speech "bereft" of "international themes." Isolationism is so not our friend right now. Let's try not to forget that.

7:12PM Say what you will about Obama, but there's no denying the man looks presidential.

7:13PM I'm gladdened to see Obama isn't wearing that sweater still. That would have been worrisome.

7:16PM Eff it. Just drink already. He's about to speak.

7:17PM Clark Kent called. Wants his tie back.

7:18PM If Obama makes it a campaign promise in '12 to keep stepping on Pelosi's lines, I might just vote for him.

7:19PM He sounds confident. Pleased, even. "The state of our economy is a concern that rises above all others." Fair enough, and he's promising to spare us the statistics. So far, so good.

7:20PM "We are living through difficult and uncertain times... we will emerge stronger than before." Somebody took some good advice from Bill Clinton, crafting that line.

7:21PM OK, we need to pull together, confront boldly, take responsibility, etc. Inspiring stuff. "Our economy did not fall... overnight." If he's setting up entitlement reform, this speech could be a real winner, even with libertarians like myself. But patience... let's see where this goes.

7:22PM "Invest!" Drink!

7:24PM Joe Biden has already mastered the Veep's most important job -- appearing to sleep through the President's speeches. But Obama is rushing. He's either nervous, or knows that he's running late. Or both. Whatever it is, that masterful presence he held at the beginning of the speech has been squandered.