Drunkblogging Election Night

9:34PM Finally, I'm finished up with PJM Political and PJTV and can get back -- if only briefly -- to the drunkblogging.

Obama has won, McCain has (or will soon) conceded gracefully. I didn't vote for either of them, but I think McCain would have prove slightly less bad for the country, if only very slightly.

That said, come January 20, Barack Obama will be my President, and I feel proud of a country strong enough to repudiate a stained history on race. Race aside -- as it should be -- I strongly disagree with most, if not all, of Obama's platform. But we're facing trying times. We need a strong leader, and I hope Obama proves to be that leader. So if you're looking for a Kos-like "Screw 'em" moment, then look elsewhere.

Because I'm hoping for the best, and I'll criticize the worst -- and I hope we can all drink to that.

9:00PM iTunes just started playing Sinead O'Connor's "I Am Stretched On Your Grave." When that's over, I plan to play the Sinatra album "In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning" from one side to the other and drink even more heavilier.

Also, be sure to tune in tomorrow to XM Radio's POTUS 08 channel, or download the streaming version later on Pajamas Media -- but Glenn, Jennifer, James, Ed and I just recorded some first rate talk radio.

8:28PM Put your money on Missouri going blue, or else it will lose its status as THE bellwether state. Now if you'll excuse me, I really do have to go make some radio now.

8:20PM Another interruption, while I get ready to record a pre-post-election roundtable discussion with Glenn Reynolds, James Lileks, Jennifer Rubin, and Ed Driscoll for tomorrow's PJM Political show on XM Radio. Why, yes, I am a multimedia star, so famous that nearly some people have heard of me.

8:07PM On my first map published last night on VodkaPundit, I already had my home state of Colorado painted blue. Someone asked why I was willing to do color Colorado but leave some other particular swing state blue. Let me tell you: I saw Obama's ground operation first hand, and it was a thing to behold. Energetic, organized, and optimistic. Despite some promises heard secondhand from some McCain people, I never saw that kind of thing from the Republicans here.

7:55PM MN is a lock for Obama, and MI looks pretty safe for him at this point, too.

7:41PM Please excuse the interruption, but if you just missed me on PJTV, then you just missed what might have been the world's first live drunk video multiperson blog. Oh, yeah, that's the 21st Century, baby.

While I was gone, Fox called OH for Obama -- and it looks like by a pretty good margin, too. With that, the electoral math for a McCain victory becomes nearly impossible. And so I'll remind you of something I wrote on VodkaPundit earlier this week: That I would vote my conscience and drink heavily. Bob Barr, this one's for you!

7:15PM RI and WI are blue -- and it looks like MI is, too. I'd wait a few more minutes before making that call, however. Speaking of a few more minutes, we'll take a break from the drunkblogging while I make my scheduled appearance on PJTV.com. Tonight, it's free to everybody, and you don't even need to register.

7:14PM WY, ND, KS all red. ND was a bit of a worry for McCain, given that state's libertarian (be still my beating heart!) leanings. Had Obama won there, I would have declared the race over and gone to bed. Don't get me wrong, I would have taken my martini with me...

7:02PM NC is trending blue on heavy black turnout -- which just goes to show you can't trust the exit polls. It's looking like a squeaker in NC whichever way it goes.

7:00PM Just as I was about to try and write something semi-trenchant about ABC News and their way-too-early PA call, iTunes started playing the Rolling Stones's "Harlem Shuffle." Which seemed so appropriate I forgot what I was going to write.

6:55PM Fox News likes Georgia for McCain. So do I. If there's going to be a blowout tonight, at least it won't be a total blowout.

6:53PM Another ABC News mystery: PA got called before RI, which remains some dark mystery to the crew over there? What gives?

6:49PM With almost half of precincts reporting, McCain is still up by 8 points in VA. That's getting tough to reconcile with the exit polling and the hearsay reports. What's going on? A tighter race than expected, perhaps -- odd, given Obama's popularity and McCain's lousy ground operation.

6:44PM The popular vote is tightening as returns start coming in from the Deep South -- McCain's 6.2 million to Obama's 6.4. But wait a while when the Upper Midwest and West Coast start reporting in.

6:40PM Color AL red, if you haven't already. And prepare yourself for the Mother of All Legal Battles if it comes down to PA -- which it doesn't look like it will.

6:30PM Michael Barone calls "BS!" on PA so early. I honestly don't know what's going on there, but such an early call makes me think of FL in 2000.

6:24PM McCain looks to get trounced in VA, despite those two "almosts" up above, according to Bryon York at The Corner. That's why they're called "almosts."