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Dreams and Fables: Why Would a Man Just Make His Life Up?

The only clear message you should or can get from the interview:

I personally like Obama and am defending him. I am not sure how to do this.

Mr. Maraniss: you are neither making sense nor speaking well of your profession. Many have expressed this response to you already (see Roger L. Simon and Ron Radosh); what interests me most about the affair is the motivations (and not yours, Mr. Maraniss). Obama’s Dreams was intended to be exactly what you revealed it to be: a false resume. Yet most disturbing to me is the “job” he was applying for.

Obama crafted tales of racial victimhood, familial persecution, and even dramatic death, and in doing so dirtied his name, and for what? Where is a man considered more qualified for employment or admission based on the degree and “authenticity” of his and his family’s suffering?

Well, it’s all Marx, or -- more timely and relevant to Obama’s formative years -- the Frankfurt School, the philosophers behind a world of La Raza, Elizabeth Warren, “first black presidents,” ethnicity scholarships, BET, and affirmative action. When you speak of “oppressed classes” rather than individuals, and with the intent of advocating a transfer of wealth and opportunity to those “oppressed” by identity, you create favored identities. And that, of course, is incentive to burnish your authenticity.

This gives you two motivations for simply making your story up, one immoral and one tragic; I believe Obama was driven by both.

You may be: a) someone who simply isn’t terribly concerned with honor. An opportunist will embellish a resume. Or, you may be b) someone suffering psychic, spiritual pain at being inauthentic, unfavored, or simply invaluable to the community. This is common when authenticity, under Marx’s perverse, illiberal laws, makes you a demigod.

Obama wanted to be one of socialism’s cool kids. He knew he wasn’t. He took self-esteem orders from a segment of society that cared nothing for his actual, unique self. The tragedy is that he believed this crap and let it destroy his honor, and further, that charlatans like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers were waiting at every bus stop to gather pawns by convincing the inauthentic that they were, in fact, authentic -- that they had suffered “enough,” that they were in fact Marx’s demigods.

Luckily, identity authenticity doesn’t exist, and those who have truly suffered at the hands of those who believe it does will tell you how repugnant it is to long to have been persecuted. Tragic that so many were fooled into chasing “Dreams,” but Obama is the author of his misdeeds and deserves his current liar’s fate.