Dopey Reporting Is the Real Colorado GOP Delegate Story

Myth #5: "A Trump delegate was removed"

Here's the "real" story:

On Saturday, April 9, 2016, a man named Larry from Douglas County, CO slandered Douglas County (CO) Republicans on Facebook. In that Facebook post, Larry claimed that he went to his neighborhood caucus meeting on March 1st, at which a precinct captain named Jan Morgan had threatened him about being a Trump supporter, with the implication that Trump supporters would not be allowed to be delegates to the April 9th State Republican Assembly.

The problem? It apparently didn't happen.

Larry didn't show up for the district convention where he would have been eligible to be elected to be a delegate to the state convention -- or at least he didn't check in and didn't sit with the other delegates.

"Jan Morgan" doesn't exist, at least as a precinct captain in Douglas County (of course there is a Jan Morgan who is a fairly popular political personality, but she's not from Colorado).


Five myths isn't a bad score when you realize that it was only part of a four-minute segment. If you want more details, I'll recommend to you Ari Armstrong's account. Ari was a delegate to the state convention this year. Follow that link and then follow some of Ari's links, and you'll be able to get up to date on the facts of the matter.

Which is exactly what almost no one in the media bothers to do. Instead, they repeat the prevarications, misleading assertions, and outright lies (viz., Drudge's "no primaries or caucuses" headline) coming out of the Trump campaign. Kurtz had a chance there to have the Fox "brain room" spend ten minutes Googling the facts, and didn't.

That's the real story.