Dopey Reporting Is the Real Colorado GOP Delegate Story

Myth #3: "The process is hard to understand"

Kurtz pushed this one, too.

Folks: I just laid the process out without using any big words beyond "convention" and "delegate." What I wrote above is simply a paraphrase of the way it was explained to me by the Republican county chairman in Pueblo County when I was elected to be a delegate to the state convention.

Forty years ago.

At age 19.

I really don't know what to make of this. It wasn't hard to understand then. And since then, nothing remotely significant about the process was changed.

Myth #4: "The process was changed to damage Trump"

Heidi Przybyla hit on this one a little later in the discussion. Again, it's what you know that ain't so that hurts.

The last time the delegate-selection process was changed was in 2002, when we went back to the process we'd used since 1912 after a short experiment with primaries. What changed in 2015 was that we decided to no longer have our traditional non-binding straw poll.

Why? Because the Republican National Committee said if we had a straw poll, it had to be binding.

So we had a non-binding straw poll in the past. Now we don't. Otherwise, the process is essentially identical to what it was when I was elected a delegate to the state convention. Forty years ago.

In fact, the process was established in 1912.

The foresight of the state GOP to establish a process to cheat Trump 104 years before this caucus was amazing.