Obama in the Heartland: 'Don't Worry, We'll Be Flyover Country Again Soon Enough'

Our schools can’t even pay their bills, nor can they afford to keep vital services and teaching positions for next year. Who knows when their budgets will turn to black again? While you’re in town, why don’t you stop and talk with some of the teachers -- or the parents of some of the students, particularly the special needs students -- who will be affected by these problems?  I’m sure they’d like a word with you.

Your stimulus has yet to stimulate anything other than several million tea party members. Congratulations on bringing them out of relative slumber, by the way.

On a related topic, I’m sure at some point over the next few days you’ll publicly pat yourself on the back for your hard, hard work on health care. Don’t forget to personally thank Congressman Phil Hare for his support. Give him a shout out from your podium. He’s firmly in your corner. In case you missed it, he got your talking points memo on health care loud and clear. Earlier this month, he told us he doesn’t worry about the Constitution when it comes to stuff like your health care proposal. He just blindly supports your proposals without looking at stuff like the Constitution or the opinions of his constituents. When you see him at your visits to the region this week, you might want to personally express your gratitude to him for single-handedly awaking tea partiers in the region and getting them involved in the process of both defeating your policies and his reelection bid. Give him the ol’ Chicago-style political handshake that lets him know how much he’s helped your cause.

From the looks of your schedule, you’re going to have a busy couple of days and will visit a lot of different spots while you’re here. Probably not a bad idea. If you’re on the run, it’ll be harder to serve you that subpoena for the Blagojevich trial, right? Ah, but I digress.

Let me share with you one more point before I go. You’ve nearly been in office two years now. Man up, Mr. President.  No longer can you claim this is “something I inherited” and “something we’re trying to fix.” No more of this “we were dealt a bad hand” stuff, Mr. President. Suck it up and take responsibility. Remember, at least for some time this week you’re visiting the land of Harry Truman. The buck stops here, Mr. President. Read this clearly:  It doesn’t matter what hand you were “dealt.” It’s your hand now. When poker players  lose, the dealer doesn’t pay the price. This is all yours. If you don’t like it, take your chips and go home.

I’m never against elected officials coming to the tri-states to really hear what the heart and soul of America is thinking. It’s when they come to simply get photo ops, gather cheap political currency, and have no plans of listening whatsoever that it infuriates me. If you’re coming to really find out what ideas we have to fix your mess, that’s great. Enjoy your stay. If you’re coming to just use us as props in campaign photos, please stay in the plane.

[Reprinted from QuincyNews.org.]