Don't Leave It to the BNP to Stand Up for Britain

The socialist component of national socialism is often overlooked; national socialism differs in scope but not in kind from the international socialism of Stalin, and is not conservative in any meaningful sense. And socialist policies lead to ruin, as is well documented. If the BNP ran the economy, they would not need to ban immigration -- the country would soon be bankrupt and nobody, black or white, would want to come and live here.

Given the failings of his party’s philosophy and his manifest personal shortcomings, why has Griffin gained such support? Frank Field, one of the more intelligent Labour politicians, and Nicholas Soames, Conservative, come close to getting the right answer. From the Telegraph:

That opportunity only arose because of the political cowardice and irresponsibility of the two main parties -- but particularly of the Labour Party. Poll after poll shows BNP support coming from ex-Labour voters who believe their party has deserted them on immigration, and failed to represent their interests as underdogs in what until recently was a country characterized by unparalleled prosperity.

Close, but no cigar. Yes, immigration in general is a problem, but Muslim immigration in particular is a catastrophe. Other immigrants of whatever race -- race is a red herring -- have assimilated. Muslims, including white Muslims, have not; nor can they, unless Islam reforms.

Nick Griffin has jumped on the anti-Muslim bandwagon to further his racist agenda. If you doubt this, consider that two prominent opponents of Islamic jihad today are Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ibn Warraq. What would Griffin’s white supremacist party have to say about them and other apostates, most of whom are not white? Nevertheless, what the BNP says about Islam is largely true, so why aren't the mainstream political parties saying it? Antonia Senior, writing in the Times, argues that it is because they are “squeamish about dealing in moral absolutes”:

So, paralyzed by our inherited relativism, fearful of seeming racist, and adrift in a Godless world, we fall silent just when we should be debating and talking. Into this silence strides Nick Griffin, Britain’s own fascist hobgoblin. If he is the only one talking about immigration, or the role of women in Islam or the sense of alienation and disenfranchisement felt, rightly or wrongly, by some white Britons, then his voice will be amplified. He is shouting while we whisper. If his voice is heard above ours, we have only ourselves to blame.

Indeed we do, and we should ask ourselves the question: why should the devil -- and the Holocaust denier -- have all the best tunes?