Don't Hate Sarah Palin Because She's Beautiful

Remember those old Pantene shampoo ads with '80s modeling sensation Kelly LeBrock? "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

Apparently women like Maureen Dowd and Liz Trotta didn't get the memo. (Perhaps Keith Olbermann fits into this category as well.) They're still hounding Sarah Palin -- Dowd with her recycled "Caribou Barbie" shtick that passes for humor in the sourly elite pages of the New York Times, and Trotta's contention that Palin is "inarticulate and undereducated," hadn't accomplished anything, "brought the attacks on herself," is "wacky and nutty," and only got ahead because of her looks. Oh, and Trotta thinks Dowd is funny and witty. So do I -- when compared to having a root canal. Actually, I think the root canal is preferable (yes, I have had one).

What Trotta finds amusing is Dowd's latest snark against Palin, which is chock full of her usual tired repartee: we are treated to phrases like "girlish bubbling" and "Sarah's country music melodramas," which is code for white trash. And we all know how liberals feel about white trash, a.k.a. average Americans who don't read the New York Times -- they're beneath contempt until it's time to ask them for either their votes or their money. Or both, depending on who's doing the asking.

Meanwhile, the woman who criticized Palin's "girlish bubbling" did some bubbling of her own back in 2005 when she was pushing her book Are Men Necessary? (Answer: yes, they are, except for those who can't seem to get one of their own.) Myrna Blyth wrote about Dowd's behavior during the publicity blitz at the time:

We know from that adoring cover story in New York magazine a few weeks back that Maureen favors green cowboy boots, a pink Burberry -- and lots of lame. That story also confided that Maureen is just such a "fox," an assertion that was somewhat belied by the photos, both old and current, accompanying the feature. The truth is that she is now a woman in her 50s who looks like an attractive woman in her 50s. Except for her forehead, which is age 27 and so smooth (I wonder, how come?) that it seems she wouldn't be able to frown even if Gloria Steinem hit her over the head with a frying pan.

But it isn't only that this 53-year-old mutton is shopping in the wrong boutiques; what's really striking is that Maureen acts so lamb-like in these interviews, gamboling and simpering, giggling and flirting and telling everyone she is "such a ditz." To the New York magazine reporter, she admitted that she is always losing cell phones and laptops -- just the kind of behavior a mother would find intolerable in any child older than 16.

Wow, Dowd is a ditz? Who knew?