DOJ Tells U.S. Soldiers: Go Bother Someone Else!

The inability to act efficiently is endemic to the Voting Section. Managers in charge of military voting prefer to dither and dicker, to pause and ponder. No opportunity is spared to avoid military voting litigation. I’m told great offense is taken inside Justice when these tendencies are publicized, but facts are facts. More importantly, these facts matter to our servicemembers.

Consider DOJ’s latest blunder. When a solider goes to to seek DOJ’s help to obtain a ballot or protect other rights, DOJ disappears and hides. At the “Contact Us” link, there is a bait and switch. If you have a problem coming home and keeping your old job, “please contact the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve at (800) 336-4590 or the Department of Labor.” If you didn’t get your ballot on time, then call the Pentagon. The “Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) maintains a website where you will find detailed information about overseas voting procedures,” but apparently not from DOJ.

The “Contact Us” page should be renamed “Contact Them.”

But if a solider has any questions about the “content” of the webpage, they can always “contact the webmaster” where they can fill out a form because the DOJ “is interested in your comments regarding this website.” Nice job, Justice.

Soon they will be “touting” this useless website too. If nothing else, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez is good at putting lipstick on a pig. Give him credit -- even Perez really seems to believe it isn’t a pig.