Aren't They Getting Tired of Calling Obama Opponents Racist?

I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but despite my constant mockery of everything Obama during the presidential campaign (what can I say, I'm a partisan hack), I now realize how much I actually bought into some of his absolutely empty hope and change rhetoric.

When Barack Obama said he was a post-racial candidate, I initially believed him. He seemed different from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who are incapable of seeing any issue as something other than a conflict between two races. I thought that while his election would be bad for a lot of issues I cared about, it might actually be worth losing on those issues just to move past silly race issues.

Yes, quite naive.

For me, the first indication that Obama was not at all post-racial was finding out what a racist loon his preacher for twenty years was. While I never actually thought Obama hated white people, it was disturbing how easily he tolerated that issue to gain street cred in Chicago. And what should have been obvious is that someone who is that cynical and opportunistic about race issues is going to be even more so when fighting for and wielding more power. Except now he has the entire national media with him.

So here we are: A black Democrat has been elected president, and suddenly all the positions on health care and taxes conservatives have always had are now racist. And I have come to the now obvious conclusion that America can never become post-racial while electing Democrats.

Liberals have always had a problem debating with conservatives. They don't really understand conservatives’ attraction to individualism and honor and responsibility enough to be able to come up with coherent responses when people say they want low taxes and a small government. All liberals know is that they are very smart, and everyone else is very dumb for not seeing how smart they are and that they should run everything. So they come up with childish name-calling, such as "conservatives are greedy" and "conservatives are evil" to try and shut up what they don't understand. And they find there is nothing better than the cry of "racism."

No one likes to be called a racist -- it's about the same level as being called a pedophile -- and it's great for liberals to use, because there is very little defense for the charge. You are basically guilty until proven innocent -- and you can't prove yourself innocent. When called a racist, you can say, "No, I am not a racist." To which the liberal can respond, "Though you try to hide it, I think deep down you are." And there's not much else you can do except maybe punch the guy in the face. But if the guy calling you racist is a minority, that itself might be de facto racism.