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Does the Zimmerman Verdict Say Anything About Racism in America?

The trial is over, the verdict is in, and America has reacted -- or overreacted.

William Saletan writes:

It happened because two people—their minds clouded by stereotypes that went well beyond race—assumed the worst about one another and acted in haste. If you want to prevent the next Trayvon Martin tragedy, learn from their mistakes. Don’t paint the world in black and white. Don’t declare the whole justice system racist, or blame every gun death on guns, or confuse acquittal with vindication. And the next time you see somebody who looks like a punk or a pervert, hold your fire.

To many Americans, George Zimmerman was not on trial, but rather racism in America was being judged. Regardless of what you think about the guilt or innocence of Zimmerman, do you think the verdict says anything about race or racism in America?

All the pundits and commentators have weighed in; now it's your turn. Leave a comment below voicing your opinion.