Does the Obama Government Really Want to Catch Anyone Involved in the Benghazi Attack?

A day after the FBI released photos of individuals it says it's seeking in connection with the Benghazi terrorist attack, I'm still scratching my head. Eight months after an attack that left four Americans dead, this is all the FBI has?

These grainy photos are obviously from security cameras posted at or near the scene of the attack. The images are sufficiently grainy that it's difficult to discern any close details of the individuals in them. The men have all had eight months to cut or grow their hair, cut or grow their beards, dispose of the clothing they're wearing, and alter their appearance in other ways. They could have traveled to any place on the globe by now.

Meanwhile, this guy has been clearly celebrating the Benghazi attack on the Internet for months. This photo was taken during the attack, obviously on the scene.

Here he is in another photo of him, attributed to Getty Images. He has been all over the net and cable TV -- well, Fox anyway -- for months now.

He was obviously involved in the attack. Who is he? What's happened to him in the eight months since the attack? Beats me. Beats the FBI too. They're apparently not looking for this clearly seen guy, and are focused on the individuals in the grainy surveillance cams. Maybe they were leaders and this guy was not. But he may know who the leaders were. His clear image started appearing online with a day or two of the attacks. As far as its public communications go, the FBI never sought him. The Bureau didn't even investigate the attack scene itself until a month after it happened. By then, the media and anyone else who wanted to had had the opportunity to traipse all over the unsecured crime scene and contaminate evidence to their heart's content.

What else is on those surveillance cameras the FBI pulled its useless stills from? Beats me. The FBI isn't saying. But surely there's more evidence on the recordings than nearly useless still frames of three fairly nondescript men who could be anywhere in the world, or dead one way or another, by now. The FBI appears to be sitting on that evidence.