Does McCain Still Have a Shot at Colorado?

In what can only be described as a sure sign of confidence going into next week’s general election, Michelle Obama put in a campaign stop in Colorado on Tuesday. Her mission: To rally Obama supporters in... Colorado Springs? Yes, Colorado Springs.

For a Democrat to win statewide in Colorado, the trick is to run up big numbers in urban Denver and granola Boulder -- and hope that the Republicans are off their game in the rest of the state. With record-busting fundraising, and a 7-1 advantage in TV advertising buys, the Obamas have McCain on the defensive in Colorado, forcing him to fight on traditionally Republican turf in the southern and western parts of the state.

Perhaps The One’s confidence is misplaced. Colorado has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1964, except for 1992 -- and then only because Ross Perot did better in Colorado than in almost any other state, handing it to Bill Clinton. But this year McCain, the Washington Post reports, “scaled back his television buy in Colorado for the final days of the campaign.” Is it all over for McCain in the Centennial State?

Television advertising aside, McCain doesn’t seem to have given up here. He’ll be in Colorado Springs on Friday, meeting with small businessmen, and then off to a rally in Durango. Popular talk radio show host and Pajamas Media contributor Hugh Hewitt broadcasted his show on remote from the Springs on Monday afternoon. A quick look at McCain’s website shows a pretty full schedule for Colorado between now and Election Day.