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Do These Foreign Leaders Realize that Obama is Using them as Props?

As Obama's worst week ever grinds on, he has overcome his media shyness. The president who has given fewer press conferences than his predecessor had at this point has held two press conferences in as many days, along with a statement about the IRS scandal.

But in none of them, did Barack Obama ever face the media alone.

On Tuesday, he was accompanied by UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Wednesday night, he was flanked by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

Today, he had Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan alongside.

Two things are obvious in this pattern.

One, Barack Obama is terrified of the press and refuses to face them on his own.

Two, out of fear he is using foreign leaders as props to keep the press from getting out of hand, and to force them to ask questions having nothing to do with his scandals.

Obama is disrespecting our allies, while trying to control the press. Because he is scared.