DNC Vows to Increase Voter Rolls, Fight Voter ID in Run-Up to Midterms

The resolutions committee also approved changes to the language of a resolution in support of a “woman’s economic agenda” – the Democrats’ response to what they call the GOP’s “war on women.”

The resolution includes support measures that provide Americans with “equality of opportunity to reach [their] fullest economic and human potential.”

The new language states that “Democrats are united in advancing the equality of opportunity and in rejecting the troubling wave of GOP state and federal legislative efforts such as Arizona’s SB 1062 to enshrine discrimination.”

Christine Pelosi said the amendment is a response to the “inequality measures that have been introduced by Republicans across the country.”

DNC resolutions are meant to express the views of the party’s members.

Other measures approved include ones commemorating the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela, highlighting Obama’s Economic Opportunity Agenda and affirming the continued commitment of the Democrats to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Most of the resolutions were approved without changes.