Diluting U.S. Power: Obama to Expand G-8 ... by 12 Countries?

Obama is so pleased with Medvedev because the Russian leader has assisted Obama in creating a nuclear arms treaty that Obama can, by lying about it, use for domestic political purposes. Russia scholar Dimitri Simes of the Nixon Center has written that “the facts are quite different” than Obama would like to have the world believe -- and ominously warned that Obama’s conduct in negotiating it “evokes strong echoes of history.”

But Obama cares little about real-world security concerns or the fate of democracy within Russia. He’s so delighted with his Russian accomplice that he wants to pay him off by abolishing the G-8 and creating a UN-style forum -- in a hypothetical G-20, the U.S. voice would be diluted while Russia would have a chance to significantly increase its influence.

Obama is fully prepared to turn a blind eye as Putin, Medvedev’s puppet master, constructs a neo-Soviet state devoid of opposition parties, critical media, and local government. Obama is also ready to concede to Russia its former slave states of Ukraine and Georgia, so long as the Russians permit him to make it appear he is making foreign policy “progress” on the larger stage.

Not once during his entire interview with Brilev did Obama pause to mention issues regarding the territorial integrity of Eastern Europe, or the preservation of an at least vestigial democracy in Russia. There is no reason for Putin not to think he has a willing patsy in the White House. He has a free hand both at home and in Russia’s near abroad to create a new generation of neo-Soviet horror.

Obama does not read Russian, so it’s likely he will never know that in Medvedev’s most recent press statement he asserted that he did not rule out Russia needing to fight World War III and intended to prepare his nation for just such a confrontation.

And while American troops, at Obama’s order, march through Red Square to celebrate Russia’s victory over Hitler, Medvedev is celebrating in his own manner: by decorating city buses with huge images of a beaming Josef Stalin.