Diluting U.S. Power: Obama to Expand G-8 ... by 12 Countries?

You can be forgiven for not having heard about it, because the forum where the announcement was made was fairly obscure by global standards. But U.S. President Barack Obama intends to abolish the G-8.

He’s decided that 12 additional countries should be brought into the group, expanding its membership to 20 and significantly diluting America’s voice on the council. American enemies around the world, of course, are cheering. Maybe if they play nice, Iran and Venezuela will get seats at the new big table.

Obama made the announcement during a touchy-feely interview with the RTR television network -- which is owned and operated lock, stock, and assassin’s gun barrel by the Kremlin. The network chose journalist Sergey Brilev to conduct the interview, an odd choice as Brilev is ostensibly a Latin America specialist, though he has previously interviewed George Bush and Condi Rice. (Note Brilev's 2006 interview with CNN -- when asked whether he covered the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, and how Russian journalists could do a better job of reporting critical facts about the Kremlin, Brilev responded with classic, incomprehensible Soviet doubletalk.)

Obama set the stage for his announcement regarding the G-8 by offering gratuitous, unqualified praise of his Russian counterpart:

I’ve been very impressed with President [Dmitri] Medvedev. I think he is a strong leader, a good man, very thoughtful. I find it very easy to do business with him, and I think we’ve established a relationship, a real trust that can hopefully be bearing fruit in the negotiations and conversations that we have in the years to come.

This remark sounded eerily like the comment made by George W. Bush about then-president of Russia Vladimir Putin: Bush remarked that he had looked into Putin’s eyes, been able to glimpse his soul, and found him trustworthy. Before long, Russian tanks were rolling into Georgia.

Now, perhaps we can look forward to seeing them in Ukraine as well.

Virtually the entire planet views the Putin regime with extreme distrust, and Putin has just been named one of the world’s worst predators of the press, but apparently Obama believes he alone (save for George Bush) can see the Kremlin’s true soul.