Digesting the Election Results and Bracing for Change

And wonder of wonders, our standing in the world among the likes of beer-swilling Germans, wine-quaffing Frenchies, and vodka-gulping Russians will finally be rebuilt! Be still, my beating heart. Americans abroad will no longer have to pretend to be Canadian. Americans who fled to Canada after the reelection of George Bush can come home in a blaze of glory. If only for a brief, shining moment, Europeans will extend the hand of friendship because finally we've done something to which they can affix their Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

But there are many questions that have yet to be answered:

  • Will the voters, coming down from the excitement of the election, demand that a President Obama deliver on his promises of hope and change?
  • What exactly is hope and change, anyway? I'm still not sure.
  • Will the new Trinity -- Obama, Pelosi, and Reid -- believe that they have a mandate from on high?
  • Speaking of high, how high will taxes go? And are Americans really okay with the idea of spreading the wealth?
  • Will Democrats follow through with their promise to restore the Fairness Doctrine and finally hush up those pesky talk radio types who criticize them?
  • Will Obama pull out of Iraq now that we're winning? If he does and Iraq falls to pieces, he'll earn the well-deserved ire of the American people. But if he doesn't pull out immediately, will his far-left base -- the Code Pinkers and the World Can't Waiters -- forgive him or crucify their messiah?
  • Will Dems follow Barney Frank's suggestion and cut the military by 25%?
  • Will we really be tested internationally by the likes of Iran or Russia? If so, what exactly will Obama do?
  • Will Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn get invited to the inaugural?
  • Will Hillary finally give up hope for a second shot at the White House?
  • Will the left manage to let go of all of the bile and hatred that has been festering within them for the past eight years?

With regard to that last question, not likely. A friend of mine who ran a pro-McCain site received an email last night that contained just three words: "Obama won, b****." So much for being a gracious winner.

And finally, will Obama really try to implement the policies he talked about? Tax "cuts" for those who pay no income tax? A civilian defense corps that rivals the military in strength? Bankrupting the coal industry and causing energy prices to skyrocket -- thus damaging our economy -- in the name of "green" energy? Sitting down with dictators with no preconditions? Ponies and all the cotton candy you can eat?

This "historic election" is over. It's time to start demanding answers to the tough questions that Obama has thus far eluded.

Good luck.