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Did Rahmbo Send the Nation of Islam to the DNC Too?

Chicago is in the midst of a violent crime wave, but the city still sent 50 police officers to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Everyone from local community leaders to the police union finds the decision bizarre.

"I would love to know the logic behind that decision to send them there given all that is happening here in Chicago," the Rev. Ira Acree of the Greater St. John Bible Church in Chicago told ABC News Monday.

"It's a state of emergency here in Chicago," Rev. Acree told the Wall Street Journal last week.


"We had two homicides and dozens of shootings this weekend, and we're sending offices out of the city?" said Pat Camden, a spokesperson for the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police. "I think the average person would shake his head over that."

Emanuel's solutions to the crime wave have, so far, been to ask the gangsters to stay away from kids, and to allow the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam's paramilitary Fruit of Islam to patrol the city's streets.

Scuttlebutt about the Fruit of Islam is that many of them are hardcore criminals recruited from the US prison system. Having them fight crime might be akin to having foxes guard henhouses.