Dick Morris to CPAC: Stop Talking Balanced Budget, Roe v. Wade, Entitlement Reform

Wohl said he agreed with Morris’ view that the party “needs to change the way it looks at things,’’ especially in the effort to attract Latinos.

Peggy Finn, of Rockland County, N.Y., who considers herself pro-life, said she disagreed on the Roe v. Wade points but otherwise agreed with his basic message.

“But I don’t really care much for him,’’ Finn said. “He’s worked for Democrats in the past and I’m not for that.’’

Vernon Mattesen, of Ham Lake, Minn., said he receives regular missives from Morris and generally supports him despite his less-than-stellar track record.

“I think he overdid it when he said we should stop talking about a balanced budget and we should get rid of that phrase,’’ Mattesen said. “I don’t think we should spend it if we don’t got it.’’

Regardless, the public is going to be hearing a lot more from Morris. Later this month he will begin hosting a talk-radio program out of Philadelphia.