Dems Trying to Rewrite History on Immigration Reform

At the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's awards dinner Obama said, “But don't forget who is standing with you, and who is standing against you.” Obama also promised to help win passage of the DREAM Act. In the meantime, he said, Hispanics need to remember which party has served their interest on many issues, beyond immigration.

“Don't forget who your friends are,” Obama told the audience. “No se olviden” (Don’t forget).

We could dismiss all of this hot air as election-year “His-pandering,” but that would be much too easy. There is something more cynical, and more sinister, going on here. This isn’t merely an attempt by Democratic leaders to win Hispanic votes and sour them on Republicans by portraying the GOP as the main obstacle to immigration reform. It’s an attempt to rewrite history and hope that Hispanics don’t figure out that it’s really Democrats who have -- since 2006 -- helped kill, stall, and derail any compromise immigration reform bill that includes language calling for guest workers which organized labor considers a non-starter. In fact, one of the chief offenders is none other than Reid, who now has the gall to blame Republicans for supposedly doing what he actually did.

Democrats also don’t have much of an interest in Hispanic voters zeroing in on the fact that Obama -- who received two-thirds of the Hispanic vote in the 2008 election -- not only broke his promise to make comprehensive immigration a top priority but also limited his efforts in this arena to increasing enforcement, deploying the National Guard, beefing up the border patrol, continuing workplace raids, and ratcheting up deportations to historic levels. Obama did all this to help undermine the GOP talking point that he’s soft on illegal immigration. But in the process, he also undermined the trust that Latinos put in him to take a comprehensive approach to the problem that went beyond the inanity of the “enforcement only” stance typically taken by Republicans.

That’s the real story, and one worth telling. And until it gets out, Democrats will continue to try to hoodwink Hispanic voters into thinking that they have that community’s best interests at heart -- when, in reality, the only interests that Democrats, or any political party, care about are their own.