Democrats Plan to Attack the Tea Parties (Again)

The Texas media asked me quite a bit about all this at the time, since the Democrats were whispering to several reporters that I'd planned it all. The Democrats assumed that all this was planned because that's how they operate. The truth is, Doggett was but the first of many Democrats to experience real voter outrage at the various crimes against democracy that he and his cohorts were and are guilty of committing.

The Democrats did not do themselves any favors at all with their behavior last August. They talked on the phone while constituents asked questions, they said it's perfectly fine to jail people who don't buy health insurance, they banned cameras and dodged constituents, and this year one of them, Democrat Rep. Phil Hare of Illinois, admitted that he doesn't even care about the Constitution.

After a month of disaster in August 2009, the Democrats decided that rather than listen to citizens' genuine concerns and outrage, they would call ordinary Americans who were merely seeking their Constitutionally-guaranteed redress of grievances, "mobs." They even produced a crummy (but helpful, from a Republican point of view) ad to that effect.

Well, on behalf of GOP communications directors, consultants, and Tea Party activists around the country, I hereby request to be thrown back into that briar patch forthwith. When the Democrats decide to go full bore against the Tea Partiers, well, the counterattacks practically write themselves. This is how I countered them a year ago, and it's more or less how to counter them now.

Every single Democrat who is running away from Obama this year is vulnerable to this type of counterattack now. They all supported Obama's election, they own his presidency and its tactics, and they own ObamaCare. If their party attacks the Tea Parties again, well, these Democrats will own that too.