Democrats' Favorite Election Strategy Strikingly Familiar to Monty Python Fans

Every day the Republican wave rolls deeper inland toward the Democrat strongholds once considered safe, and Obama’s “let’s project our foreign campaign receipts onto Republicans” rhetoric is in full retreat. As a result, congressional Democrats are turning to the darkest reaches of absurdity for election strategies. With less than two weeks until the elections it would appear that Monty Python’s peasant repression strategy is emerging as the dominate modus operandi.

Exactly how does the Monty Python peasant repression strategy work? Behold the instructional video that I personally smuggled out of the DNC’s most secret gulag.

Now with proof in hand, we can fully appreciate this method put in action in races across America. Let me invite you to come see the violence inherent in the system.

Shut up!” demanded Maurice Hinchey, Democrat incumbent from NY’s 22nd Congressional District, as his Monty Python training rolled off his lips with textbook accuracy, literally quoting directly from the Holy Grail movie. The part of Dennis the Peasant was being played by William Kemble, a reporter for the Kingston Daily Freeman. Kemble had been pressing Hinchey on one of his investments, which was dubiously receiving federal grant money. Later Hinchey properly repressed the reporter with finger stabs and chokeholds.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer seems to advocate a limited use of the technique, improvising only the strategy’s initial verbal threats as opposed to Hinchey’s holistic adoption. Hoyer had his chance to put Democrat peasant repression to work at his last debate with challenger Charles Lollar. After Lollar eloquently lambasted Hoyer’s loose grip on the nation’s purse strings and during the thunderous applause that followed, Hoyer put peasant repression practice to good use. “I’m coming after you!”  Hoyer threatened Lollar -- not once, but twice.