Dems Declare War on Gold

In America, the political right seems perpetually mystified by the political left. Republican luminaries view Democrats as they wish them to be rather than how they are. Their confusion is self-imposed as they refuse to acknowledge our adversaries’ bad faith. Despite our president making clear on the campaign trail that his goal was “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” many conservatives mistook hope for truth. They presupposed Barack Obama would govern as a moderate. They were very wrong. Even dubbing Mr. Obama the second coming of Jimmy Carter is wishful thinking.

The neo-socialists currently in charge of both the legislative and executive branches of government embrace collective salvation and regard the creation of an omnipresent Leviathan as utopia.

With so many fragile egos and infantile desires vested in Barack Obama’s malignant uber-statism, it is not surprising that the left’s leaders have no qualms about squashing and silencing any individual who jeopardizes their version of “progress.”

Who is enemy number one? Certainly, names like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin readily provoke their mandibular reflex. Yet Representative Anthony Weiner’s recent *itch trial concerning one of the most treasured elements on earth -- gold -- illustrates that Democrats harbor hate for more than humanity alone.

Rep. Weiner’s motivations are comically transparent. Gold is the nemesis of leftists everywhere. It is the best example of the canary in the coalmine when it comes to the economy. Its surge in value illustrates the futility of the federal government accumulating debt along with the public sector’s takeover of private industry.

The noble metal is more than a canary. It is a sullen gladiator in the corner who does not find your jokes funny. Toxic is Obama’s economy. At 9.5 percent, our unemployment rate is a scandal. We have lost more jobs than we have created. Contrary to what the administration boasts, they have not succeeded in stimulating the economy.

Government Housing Inc. is dumping their booty for far less than what it is worth and we are on pace for 1,000,000 foreclosures this year. The Federal Reserve has printed money en masse which is precisely why gold and other commodities skyrocketed in worth since the financial debacle began.

Rather than term the policy “running the presses 24/7,” Mr. Bernanke and company bureau-coat it as “quantitative easing.” The government action is termed ex nihilo for a reason. It is a habit they are incapable of breaking and one that directly impacts the price of gold. Thanks to our ruling elite, serious inflation is coming. Gold is the cure.

Lots of people are unaware of this reality due to the duplicity of the Democrats and the independent contractors who advocate for them within the mainstream media.

Like the rest of his ilk, Rep. Weiner understands that gold’s amazing advance by itself is convincing proof of government mismanagement. This makes the metal his foe. His response is to attack those who sell it. Gold retail outlets conspicuously sponsor conservative VIPs on radio and television which makes them attractive targets.

Already, the left has organized a massive and largely successful boycott against any corporation or entity that dares to advertise on Glenn Beck’s show. Yet some, like Goldline International, have resisted. Enter Rep. Weiner.

To leftist control freaks, a company’s refusal to adhere to their will provokes and infuriates. That some corporations have the nerve to pretend that their purpose is to make a profit rather than assist the Democrats with social engineering schemes exasperates further.